ASUS P8P67 - PRO LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge

In this design ASUS try to evacuate something new, which is combining Northbridge and Southbridge in to a single chip design so it can add some space to the other.

Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti Overclock Edition

Gigabyte Technology Co. LTD. A leading of motherboard and graphic cards, is present overclock edition of GeForceTM GTX 550 Ti named GV-N550OC-1GI.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

SanDisk and Toshiba World's Smallest NAND

We know that SanDisk and Toshiba have already teamed up together to make 64 GB, 2-bits-per-cell (X2) based monolithic chip on 19nm technology, which both of these companies claim is the smallest and most advanced memory process tech node in planet. And this memory will be in mass production about in second half of 2011. At that time, SanDisk will also add 3-cits-per-cel (X3) products fabricated with the 19nm process technology to its product lineup.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Intel makes a Revolutionary 22nm Technology

Wow! Intel once again makes a new penetration to their new 22nm process. They promise that on their new 22nm process processor will bring new technology and the latest feature. Intel's CEO Paul Otellini attracted some interest during yesterday's earnings conference call when he told analysts that the next generation of 22 nm of processors will feature a "revolutionary" process technology.
They also confident that this revolutionary on 22nm process will win the competition across all segment of computing. However, the CEO told Citigroup's Glen Yeung, that he really can't discuss the features and he would have to wait until the analyst day event in May. 

New ASUS P6Z68 Pro Z68 Chipset Motherboard

By P67 chipset it’s just making its way back out to consumer after B2 stepping fiasco, and high performance Z68 chipset look to be well when it launched. The boards absolutely re-invigorate Sandy Bridge overclocking, offers a 14-phase Digi+ CPU VRM, UEFI Bios, and support up to DDR3-2600 via overclock.
And for the graphic chipset it uses HD 300 graphic. Therewith with this, it also includes Lucid Virtu Technology, that can allow the board switch between onboard GPU, and discrete instantaneously for power saving technology. And for the specification of this motherboard it will be like this:

Seagate and Samsung interweave a relationship

Both of this company makes an agreement to significantly expand and strengthen their strategic relationship by furthering aligning their respective ownership, investments and key technologies.  By this agreement we're really want a big contribution so the product can be in a good performance, in a low price and good quality. And the major elements of agreement are:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Intel will present Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interface directly

Intel recently said that they will support both of this interface (Thunderbolt from MacBook Pro new revision and also USB 3.0). USB 3.0 that will implement in next time will support the previous version USB.
Intel also said that both of them will be “complementary” technology. Intel do this after AMD do a big splash by announcing that their 2 kind of APU will directly support USB 3.0 so it means that manufacturer motherboard not need again for special controller using USB 3.0 and of course it will cut down the price.

G.Skill unveils DDR3 2300 MHz 8GB special for Intel P67 platform

Yesterday, at 19th April 2011 G. Skill International Co. Ltd., announce the fastest memory in world 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3 memory, it rated at 2300 MHz CL9 with only 1.65 volts. And this memory will be on market soon via G.Skill global authorized distribution partner.
As we know that memory year by year increasing the amount of data, but now G.Skill R&D not only concern about the amount of memory itself but also the speed of the memory. After they launched DDR3 1900 MHz 48GB and DDR3 2200 MHz 16GB kits, now the try once again to push the memory speed further and developed the industry leading memory kit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AM3 turn into AM3+ without paying extra budget on MSI

MSI now officially announced that their AMD AM3 product and the corresponding BIOS version can be turn into full compatibility with all AMD AM3+ multi-core processors. It means that you can enjoy AMD PHENOM II X6 just by your AMD AM3 motherboard. You can relish this kind of facilities just by upgrading you BIOS and it’s not cost extra expenses. When you upgrade the BIOS you can enjoy the true power of AMD AM3+ that support more cores, larger L3 cache memory capacity and etc. And also, the built-in 2nd generation Turbo Core technology also boosts the performance of the new AMD AM3+ multi-core processors. Along with the latest 32nm process which significantly enhances the electrical specifications, AMD AM3+ multi-core processors will absolutely be the next-generation indicator of performance.

GIGABYTE Unveils NVIDIA GeForce™ GTX 550 Ti Overclock Edition Graphics Cards

Gigabyte Technology Co. LTD. A leading of motherboard and graphic cards, is present overclock edition of GeForceTM GTX 550 Ti named GV-N550OC-1GI. This graphic card built in 40mm process and equipped by GDDR5 memory, and this cad has overclock ability and outperforms by 6% (based on 3DMark Vantage Extreme Mode). About the design you won’t be disappointed, because it use the latest cooler-design from Gigabyte. When using this cooler and Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA materials, GV-N550OC-1GI run much cooler and because using Gigabyte Ultra Durable material it also quitter than standard version. For the feature it equipped with NVIDIA 3D VisionTM, SLI, CUDATM, PhysX®, and Microsoft DirectX 11 technologies.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Unique Network device ASUS RT-N56U Black Diamond

All of us is know that network device is almost in ‘box’ design. But now ASUS take something different to the network device and it’s so unique. Not only because have unique design but also this have so many advantages on it. And for the installation it’s really easy and user-friendly so the user won’t be confused. This device also support wireless network and wire network so that’s why this device is so powerful and complete. If you want everything and all information see it below:

ATI Radeon HD 6990 launched by ASUS

ASUS look like never satisfied when they launch GTX 590 or the other. It can be proved that now ASUS launched their new extremity that is HD 6990. It’s a good news for gamer that want update or build a PC Gamers. Most of us know that HD 6970 the previous one, uses dual GPU, doubling the power while maintaining streamlined energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltage Tweak, it can push the card up to 1245 MHz.  And there's no doubt about the power of HD 6970. And so, that’s why HD 6990 will represents the very top-end of AMD-sourced technology. Maybe it's the latest of HD 6000 series from ATI Radeon.
For the specification and what it will be you can see it below:

Overclocking dual GPU records won by Gigabyte GTX 580 WINDFORCE

Who ever expect that GTX 580 is still the best from Nvidia side, and Gigabyte as the leading manufacturer show it’s power. This GPU got score 196003 3DMark 03. Even the newest dual GPU is GTX 590 but in this case GTX 580 takes the lead. And believe it or not that when it get overclock only use cooler stock not LN2 or the other. What a powerful cooling system it is?
In top 20 World Records of Dual GPU in 3DMark 03, the first lead is held by GTX 580 WINDFORCE 3X. This VGA give cooling solution from many side, such as new design with triple-fan cooling, 3 ultra quite PWM fans, two 8mm copper heat pipes and a king size (140x86 mm) vapor chamber to maximize the speed of heat dissipation.Want see the score 3DMARK 03? Here is the score.

USB Soundcard ASUS Xonar U3

ASUS Xonar U3 is portable, pocket-sized audio solution and offer experienced for notebook users. The form almost same with standard USB flash drive, the U3 is designed for notebook users so they can relish the fidelity audio center with Dolby and GX 2.5 support.
Not most of notebook offer best audio center so the user can’t enjoy and relish the power of audio. But, ASUS give such kind of solution so the notebook user can enjoy and relish the power of audio. The weight about 25g and its easy to install, the U3 enhance treble and bass signal while driving high fidelity headphone by 150 impedance. And this also built-in Xonar exclusive hyper-grounding techno, which can improves audio quality, clean and clear sound.

Next Gen of server motherboards – Gigabyte A-6UASL

Look like server motherboards endless in technology and offer the best perform to deliver new world class performances. Designed for small business application, GIGABYTE GA-6UASL series offering multipurpose product perfect for server. So, overall this motherboard in cost-effective but provide all the high-end performance and its feature for the future.
This motherboard will use Sandy Bridge socket 1155 that support new 32nm micro architecture and it allow this motherboard to operate with new Intel Xeon E3-1200 processors family, that bring better performance and lower power consumption than previous gen.

Smallest TV Tuner Gigabyte E-8000

Three days ago I’m not posting anything yet, it’s because I’m a little bit busy this day. And now let me post an article about TV Tuner. All of us know when we want play a TV channel on computer we need TV tuner to play it. TV tuner is one component to play TV channel in the computer and is also has tuner, remote, and antenna. In this kind of era, we’ve seen a lot of forms of TV tuner, there are USB form and also card form. If we use a USB platform the quality isn’t good enough if you use small antenna, but when we compare with card tuner it have a lot of difference.

Friday, April 15, 2011

ASUS show off! P8P67 PRO LGA1155 Sandy Bridge launched!

On my earlier post it’s already show you that Gigabyte and MSI have take the lead by introducing their Intel Sandy Bridge socket 1155. And now it’s time for ASUS to show off by launching their lovely product P8P67 PRO which support LGA1155.
And looking for the market, that B2 having a trouble and the consumer now have their new motherboard because of this kind of problem. But, in the other hand ASUS finally show of in the market by launching their mid-end range motherboard. Even in mid-end range this motherboard above the average than the other. Want see further info about this motherboard?

MSI launched Military Grade P67A-GD65

MSI not completely exhausted to introduce their product again and again. And now they want show their capability in high-end motherboard by introducing fresh accelerated P67A-GD65 Military Grade. This motherboard from the name we can imagine how great and incredible it is. And it do just like the name. Just for introducing, this motherboard highly-conductive polymerized capacitors, super ferrite chokes, and solid capacitors that should give this board a long lifespan and higher efficiency.
MSI also bring their new feature that is OC Genie, so newbie even overclocker they can do it easily because it same with one-click boost.

Intel introduce new comer 22nm NAND Flash Technology

Intel almost always stay in front in all technology. They can compete in computer hardware, tablet, and also for smartphone they don’t want lose too. Intel Corporation and Micron Technology Inc. has already announced that both of then introduced new NAND Flash 22nm process technology. This new 20nm process can produce up to 8-gigabyte multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash device, providing a high capacity, small form factor storage for saving all data such as music, document, file, database, picture etc.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking AMD GPU Folding to the Next Level?

Some of you may remember when Folding@Home was still in its infancy, the first GPU client was introduced. Believe it or not that first (and even second) GPU client only supported ATI graphics cards with compatibility for NVIDIA’s CUDA being added much later.
Unfortunately, due to the Brooke programming language used in previous generations of AMD GPUs, they consistently took a back seat to NVIDIA’s CUDA supporting clients. GeForce graphics cards soon became the de facto kings of the Folding world but with the introduction of AMD graphics cores which support OpenCL, things may be about to change.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laptops with AMD’s Llano chip soon

AMD make new innovation again and again to beat their rival Intel. They’re really serious about their new 32nm processor to stay in battle with Intel Sandy Bridge. They are also confident that they can follow or take a lead to Intel. But, they’re not only focusing their new processor for desktop but also for laptops in mainstream-level.
This new chips, codenamed Llano, are targeted to top and mainstream laptops and desktops, which will be priced at $499.

AMD disclose its latest 32nm build process ( AMD Llano )

It’s been really tight between Intel and AMD in the high-end level of processor. Intel take first lead by introducing 32nm build process. Meanwhile, the archrival AMD is planning to carry on that legacy to the next level.
AMD manufacturers announced their laptops and desktops 32nm A-sereies chips. The product will be launched to the consumer in the first half of 2011. For very first time, AMD launch their 32nm system and its look like an achievement for AMD.

AMD takes on Nvidia in a mobile battle

We know in last year in 2010 Nvidia shows up their Nvidia Tegra to market. And it combined with such kind of great tablet like Android, iPhone, iPad etc. Nvidia Tegra give so much improvements especially in device graphic.
Nvidia dominate that device in market in several years. But, now AMD look the chance and has already recruit Android engineers. MSI marketing its latest tablet PC built using AMD’s Brazos APUs and the fact that such beast exist indicates that AMD’s APUs have increased their presence in the PC tablet market.

Cedar Trail from Intel to go ahead Intel’s Oak Trail

Intel Atom platform, codenamed Oak Trail is already success in the market to fulfill consumer need and Intel also claimed it has racked up over 35 innovative tablet and hybrid designs from multiples companies, including Evolve III, Fujitsu Limited, Lenovo and etc.
In the future, Intel convince to consumer that they will give a sneak peak of it’s next-gen, 322nm platform, codenamed Cedar Trail.

New MSI N560GTX Haws special for overclocker

It is still hot in news about graphic cards for gaming, graphic cards for HD movies, graphic cards for editing videos etc. But MSI want make change not to provide the consumer about all of those that I mentioned before. MSI unleash their new graphic cards special for everclocker!
Why they unleashed that kind of graphic card?

Nvidia challenge ATI Radeon by releasing GT 520

Most in my earlier post show you how those big companies run and stay in challenge eash other in enthusiast-level graphic cards. Such as GTX 590, HD 6890 and etc. But, even though they stay in battle for enthusiast-level, Nvidia won’t lose in entry-level too. Nvidia now release their new product that is

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gaming Network Card EVGA Killer Xeno Pro

I believe most of you ever have a problem while watching good online match, or playing online game sometimes lag is inevitable. And I also believe that you'll be angry or get disappointed when you play online game and get lag. To try minimize these kind of problem,

Soundcard Diamond Xtreme Sound 7.1 DDL

We can’t avoid that soundcard is same important as VGA card. Even, most people out there said that sound is not the most important thing while playing game. But, did you ever thing that what’s the purpose if you play a game with ‘crazy’ sound. No perfect game without perfect sound.

Journey of Intel Processors in 2011

The development of Intel on the market in entry-level till enthusiast-level endless. It’s already prove to us that this company be able to serve what consumer want. Not long time ago, about 3 months until now Intel launch 19 new processors. If we see, it’s good news for us because

Radeon HD 6790 can't be unlocked

 A few weeks ago AMD has just release RAdeon HD 6790. As previously I report in older post, this card is based on a cut-down of “Barts” GPU first seen in the Raden HD 6800 series, with 160 fewer stream processors than the HD 6850, 8 fewer texture units and half the ROPs. At the $150 it’s not really great deal, but

Important information about Kingston SSDNow V100 SSD Firmware

Kingston realize that a small percentage of their SSDNow V100 sold in the past have experienced a technical issue with the firmware. Kingston reported that it happened because the BIOS to hang during boot, and failed to load further. This company strongly recommended that firmware upgrade be applied to prevent possible data loss.

Hardcore motherboard at Low Price named MSI 890FXA-GD65

In my previous post already show to you about building top performance PC and VGA. And now I want show to you once again top performance not always top price. If you don’t believe me check this one out. If Gigabyte give us “Black Socket” and all of it’s benefit and also big feature of course with top price, MSI stay in different way to

Nvidia Responds to complaints of GTX 590 Frying

It appears that some of those who were out to test the limits of the behemoth, managed to capture the $700 card going up in smoke, literally. Sweclockers, among others, reported and video taped that the GTX 590 was in fact so powerful that the card killed itself during overclocking. While using the beta drivers which were 

Friday, April 08, 2011

Wireless VGA card from Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 WHDI

  It’s really crazy, but adds wireless function actually nice and will be develop in fast time in few years next. The ‘king’ of video graphic card in market Nvidia just launches their new produck KFA2 GeForce GTX 460 WHDI that will make your home wireless. It equipped with

Intel Xeon X5698 up to 4.4 normal clock

Intel Xeon will have 4.4 GHz clock speed. Intel finally develop Westmere architecture tend to 3.46 GHz through flagship Intel Core i7-990X. And now, that speed classified ‘small’ to Intel, compared to Intel Xeon X5698 which has better clock speed. Intel cause to be present new server chip that will operate in 4.4 GHz from the factory directly!

Snoop AMD Fusion – Brazon

In my older post show to you that AMD has new architecture of their processor named AMD Fusion (launched in 2011). One of platform Fusion that we can see on the internet is Brazon. This chip be thought out for entry-level desktop and laptop too.

MSI Big Bang with 8 Graphic Cards support

MSI now leading on their enthusiast gamers by adopting LucidLogix chipset graphic bridge that famously named HydraLogix. Basically this chip is one form of high-end specification of Sandy Bridge chips on MSI Big Bang Marshall motherboard series. So that Hydra circuit can handle up to 8 graphic slots.

Intel represent DirectX 11 on their new Platform Ivy Bridge

We know that Sandy Bridge is just launched several weeks ago, but Intel give us again on their new platform with code-named (Ivy Bridge). The most different between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge is on their integrated graphic that will be use. Sandy Bridge just use DirectX 10.1 but in Ivy Bridge we can enjoy the power of DirectX 11 GPU.

Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K & Core i7-2600K

Firstly we should know about all of it processors. Overall, both the 2600K and 2500K showed a great amount of potential and really did impress more often than not. In most situations, both chips ran circles around similarly-priced solutions from both Intel’s and AMD’s stables. However, does great performance on paper

Top Budget to Mainstream Graphics (AMD vs Intel)

We see in 2011 both of AMD and Nvidia already give more attention to high-end segment of graphic market. So we here will show you the comparison table both of AMD and Nvidia graphic cards between $70 - $200. In addition to launching their latest single-GPU flagship boards, both companies just recently launched a couple of dual-GPU beasts and laid claim to the "world’s fastest graphics card"

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Intel lead ahead by Sandy Bridge next gen

Once again Intel shows their ripeness to show how great they are. Intel almost hammer on AMD new CPUs like AMD APUs. Different with AMD Phenom II X6 1090T in my previous post, Intel make a difference than previous generation even in newest 1156 socket. We can see that here Intel want make a few changes and lead ahead on every sector. In this architecture Intel make new features and architecture such as brings memory controller, PCI Express controller, video functions within processor die, which by itself is an enormous change that has major performance repercussions. But it also

AMD Phenom II X6 1090 Black Edition Six-Cores

AMD is still AMD. It shows again about performance lead. AMD still proud of it powerful processor Phenom II X6 series. And now let’s focus on AMD Phenom II X6 1090 Black Edition. Even it’s fast processor and have 6-cores it doesn’t mean really have much new feature because there’s no major changes since the last generation of CPUs.
The most significant change in this kind of processor on AMD’s new Turbo CORE technology that can boost clock of CPUs and it can ‘deactivate’ just like Turbo Boost on Intel. Phenom II X6 are designed to combined

AMD Radeon HD 6790 is still mystery

On my previously post already show to you about Nvidia GTX 590 launching, AMD also has been working silently on expanding their mid-range lineup by inserting video card under HD 6800 series, come with moderate gaming and offering all of AMD’s latest feature at competitive price.
Even AMD keep their wish about launching HD 6700 series not come up until they officially announced, it still spotted by publicity before the official AMD announcement.

3TB HDD utility for Gigabyte Motherboard

Firstly, we need to remind our mind that 32-bit OS only allow 2048Gb to recognize. Such as Windows XP 32-bit or Windows 7 32-bit it only can handle 2048Gb because of the virtual drives. But, that assumption will be disappear when you download the special utility just for Gigabyte motherboard. If you want see the further about this utility you can find it here.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

When performance meet Reliability and Security it bring out Intel Xeon E7

New Highlights 

  • Intel®  Xeon® processor E7 family sets a new standard in reliability, availability, security and performance to help IT managers address data-intensive workloads.
  • Two new security features help ensure the highest levels of data integrity and system up time.
  • Supports up to 10 cores, delivers up to 40 percent greater performance1 than the previous- generation processor, and improved energy efficiency with a new feature that dynamically adjusts power consumption based on workload.
  • Builds on Intel's commitment to democratize mission-critical computing by accelerating the migration away from proprietary computing environments.

From the highlights we can conclude that this processor already prepared for server computer or even PC Gamer. Even it support up to 10 cores, and delivers up to 40% greater performance than previous generation,

Get ready for AMD Llano upcoming AM3+ support

We still remember in early November, 2011 it was where AMD began their first revenue shipments of Zacate/Ontario processor to their partners. It’s really awesome when AMD upcoming with their Zacate/Ontario processor they give so much impact in market. It just need a few moments to the consumer to feel the power of it.

‘Black Socket’ from Gigabyte AM3+ support

Gigabyte back in action after launching their new product that is ‘Black Socket’ which previously unveiled at CeBIT 2011 which offer support for AMD next gen, 32nm AM3+ CPU and based on AMD 800/700 chipset series.

MSI beat AM3+ CPUs to support new multi-core processor

In official site MSI has announced compatibility with all AMD AM3+ multi-core processors on this motherboard. When you want enjoy new multi-processor you just need update your BIOS and everything’s will be okay.

Corsair stays in battle on memory high performance market

Corsair backs to stage by award winning Vengeance family of DDR3 memory. Corsair introduces their 2000 MHz DDR3 in memory kit equipped with aluminum heat anodized in Jet Black. This memory also come with unique and modern design with black, grey accent and Vengeance text with yellow color.

New comer from Kingston still ‘King’

The most famous memory industry already take one step forward in producing new generation of DDR 3 memory. Kingston has shown to us their power in memory product by launching Kingston HyperX Genesis 4Gb 2133 Mhz DDR3 Memory Kit (2x2Gb). It test in Intel Sandy Bridge gives so much performance and powerful speed. Running in 2133 Mhz it gives another advantage, so this memory recommended

Intel Core i7/995X Extreme Edition released in Q3 2011

My older post already talk to you that AMD will launch Zambezi in short time here is the post. We can see that it give special resistance for Intel side. So as the direct realization is that Intel launch their new CPU in socket LGA 1366 that famously named Core i7 995X Extreme Edition that based in 6-cores processing and run in 3.6 Ghz. And this plan will realize in period of three months this year 2011.

DA Nvidia GT 240 Green = your best choice!

Again and again, Digital Alliance shows the power of their performance showing GT 240 Green. Firstly I wanna show you the specification about this video card, it has 1024 Mb / 128-bit / DDR 3 575 Core Clock / 1800 Mhz Memory clock / DSub / DVI-I / HDMI.