Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AM3 turn into AM3+ without paying extra budget on MSI

MSI now officially announced that their AMD AM3 product and the corresponding BIOS version can be turn into full compatibility with all AMD AM3+ multi-core processors. It means that you can enjoy AMD PHENOM II X6 just by your AMD AM3 motherboard. You can relish this kind of facilities just by upgrading you BIOS and it’s not cost extra expenses. When you upgrade the BIOS you can enjoy the true power of AMD AM3+ that support more cores, larger L3 cache memory capacity and etc. And also, the built-in 2nd generation Turbo Core technology also boosts the performance of the new AMD AM3+ multi-core processors. Along with the latest 32nm process which significantly enhances the electrical specifications, AMD AM3+ multi-core processors will absolutely be the next-generation indicator of performance.
Before updating the BIOS to AMD AM3+ multi-core processors, it’ll be better to wait until MSI post the BIOS of corresponding motherboard which truly support for the new AMD AM3+ processors for consumers to upgrade their MSI AM3 motherboard in order to meet their demands for system upgrade and exp the powerful of the next-gen of AMD processor.
Here is the MSI motherboard chip that can be upgraded to AMD AM3+ multi-core processors and corresponding BIOS versions :
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For the latest information, please visit here: MSI AM3+ CPU Support


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