Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AMD disclose its latest 32nm build process ( AMD Llano )

It’s been really tight between Intel and AMD in the high-end level of processor. Intel take first lead by introducing 32nm build process. Meanwhile, the archrival AMD is planning to carry on that legacy to the next level.
AMD manufacturers announced their laptops and desktops 32nm A-sereies chips. The product will be launched to the consumer in the first half of 2011. For very first time, AMD launch their 32nm system and its look like an achievement for AMD.
Intel equipped their 32nm build process with Core i3, i5, and i7 in Westmere Family. Experts like Dan Olds said that AMD has good opportunities to capitalize on it. Surely, AMD joined later the group of manufacturers bringing out the 32nm build process.  We can see that AMD actually in good condition and really awesome. So, it will be definitely good news for technology lovers especially in computer hardware.
Charles King, Pund-IT analyst said that because AMD collaboration with Llano future appears better. We can’t doubt that Llano is better terms of the feature and performance of the GPU chips. It recycles its AMD Phenom II products and target the low cost PC market. Tentatively, in outer market AMD has no opportunity of attaining supremacy. Nevertheless, AMD is doing their job better and better with GPU trimming year by year. In the other hand, Intel is doing their best card with help from latest technology and working on its robust graphic features.
AMD is already little behind by their rival Intel by developing its 22nm process. Even though they have chance to lead ahead by releasing 22nm process, AMD still focus on their Fusion processors. In term of graphics and server chips AMD is having a slight edge.


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