Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laptops with AMD’s Llano chip soon

AMD make new innovation again and again to beat their rival Intel. They’re really serious about their new 32nm processor to stay in battle with Intel Sandy Bridge. They are also confident that they can follow or take a lead to Intel. But, they’re not only focusing their new processor for desktop but also for laptops in mainstream-level.
This new chips, codenamed Llano, are targeted to top and mainstream laptops and desktops, which will be priced at $499. AMD’s last fresh chip was in May last year, when AMD launched new dual-, triple- and quad-core processors.
Of course, we are as the consumer very excited and happy about Llano coming to market. Llano is the future of all processor. Why? Because it combine / integrated the CPU and GPU on one chip, which can help laptops deliver faster application and graphic performance even though in less power.
Llano chips will be the first processor from AMD that use 32nm manufacturing process. This improvement will help reducing power consumption. And it’s exactly Llano chips will compete against Intel’s Sandy Bridge microprocessors, which all of us know it also combined a CPU and GPU on a single chip.


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