Monday, April 11, 2011

Nvidia Responds to complaints of GTX 590 Frying

It appears that some of those who were out to test the limits of the behemoth, managed to capture the $700 card going up in smoke, literally. Sweclockers, among others, reported and video taped that the GTX 590 was in fact so powerful that the card killed itself during overclocking. While using the beta drivers which were not intended for release, some reviewers willingly took the voltages of their GTX 590s far past NVIDIA’s limits or recommendations. It should be noted, that a quick sampling of many of the web’s premier review websites were using driver version 267.71 in their reviews while others were using slightly older AiB-supplied drivers which did not implement the over current protection properly.
  NVIDIA  sent us the following statement, “The few press reports on GTX 590 boards dying were caused by overvoltaging to unsafe levels (as high as 1.2V vs. default voltage of 0.91 to 0.96V), and using older drivers that have lower levels of overcurrent protection.  Rest assured that GTX 590 operates reliably at default voltages, and our 267.84 launch drivers provide even more additional levels of protection for overclockers.  For more information on overclocking and overcurrent protection on GTX 590 please see our knowledge base article here:”
So, one advice from me never overclock your VGA till have recommendation of factory/vendor. Furthermore, if you use BETA driver and that’s too risk.


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