Monday, April 11, 2011

Hardcore motherboard at Low Price named MSI 890FXA-GD65

In my previous post already show to you about building top performance PC and VGA. And now I want show to you once again top performance not always top price. If you don’t believe me check this one out. If Gigabyte give us “Black Socket” and all of it’s benefit and also big feature of course with top price, MSI stay in different way to increase their market. They not launch a big and awesome motherboard with top price. They already launch what consumer what right now, a cheap motherboard with big features and also not gimcrack.
All of us know that society do not have the budget to buy an extreme motherboard at $300 - $400, a video card for $800, or a processor for $1000 for that matter. When $179 - $230 area is packed full of AMD 890FX boards from the usual suspects, we see only handful under $150 range. MSI offering a fully featured 890FX board for $149 MSRP.
In simple way, that this motherboard designed to give us top performance motherboard with low price but decreasing some features that top motherboard top price have such as cooling for e-SATA port or secondary SATA, and button for OC so that can easily the user to overclock it. But overall this motherboard give no disappointment to us even in low price.
What features are absolutely necessary?  Can we get away with just the chipset’s SATA controller?  Who uses dual Ethernet anyway?  How can we get away with cheap cooling but still provide a board that can overclock without melting down?  Are power/reset/OC buttons really necessary for this class of products?  Intel Ethernet controller or a Realtek one?  What about Marvell?  These decisions are important from both a user and supplier standpoint.  Certainly, as a user, we want the greatest value for our money, and that usually includes more features.  For a supplier they want to stay in business, but still sell their boards in sufficient quantities to pay for development of said products and production overhead.  

 Here is the bundle of MSI motherboard

Obviously offering a motherboard that has no margin whatsoever is not a smart business move, but also offering a product that has a fat margin that can be undercut easily by competitors’ products will lead to fewer sales as well. This product not only kill the high-end product with top price, instead MSI went back to the drawing board and has launched new and unique board that should make quite a few user happy when buy enthusiast grade of board but in low price. It is not what you can add, but what you can successfully take away.


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