Friday, April 08, 2011

Top Budget to Mainstream Graphics (AMD vs Intel)

We see in 2011 both of AMD and Nvidia already give more attention to high-end segment of graphic market. So we here will show you the comparison table both of AMD and Nvidia graphic cards between $70 - $200. In addition to launching their latest single-GPU flagship boards, both companies just recently launched a couple of dual-GPU beasts and laid claim to the "world’s fastest graphics card" -- and indeed they both came quite close in most of our tests but AMD is challenging Nvidia to back their marketing claims with hard evidence.

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As we seen above price, AMD still in position about price. Most cheap GPU from AMD it is HD 5670 and compared to GeForce GT 440. Even just 10 bucks deviation the performance both is quite same. HD 5670 even is the cheapest GPU in there it can give us much than we ever expect before. This GPU (HD 5670) come up with GDDR5 and can play such as last generation of game like Crysis 2, CoD: Black Ops, StarCraft II, GTA 4 EFLC etc and it’s playable with this kind of card. For $60, this card provides decent gaming frame rates in resolutions like 1680x1050.
Now move on to another side, let’s talk about modern CPUs that have built-in graphics core like Intel Sandy Bridge. Take an example, Core i5-2500K with HD Graphic 3000 series logic performs about on par with Radeon HD 5450 that currently sel for $45. And it will be so interesting when AMD also launched their new CPUs named Bulldozer/Zambezi in short time. Sandy Bridge vs Bulldozer. It’s gonna be awesome in high-end CPUs battle.


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