Thursday, April 07, 2011

Intel lead ahead by Sandy Bridge next gen

Once again Intel shows their ripeness to show how great they are. Intel almost hammer on AMD new CPUs like AMD APUs. Different with AMD Phenom II X6 1090T in my previous post, Intel make a difference than previous generation even in newest 1156 socket. We can see that here Intel want make a few changes and lead ahead on every sector. In this architecture Intel make new features and architecture such as brings memory controller, PCI Express controller, video functions within processor die, which by itself is an enormous change that has major performance repercussions. But it also strikes up a much clearer parity with the modern computing world: finding new ways, for example, to take advantage of large numbers of processing cores (necessary, as Intel released the first consumer-oriented six-core processor earlier this year), and use less power to do everything.
The most different here that is improvisation in integrated graphics. So we do hope here even we use integrated graphic we can still enjoy the speed when using 3D application such as AutoCAD or even CorelDraw or 3Ds Max. This can be happened because Intel apply new feature on their new processor just like I told you before. Here is the architecture of Sandy Bridge.

It’s impossible to say what’s going on and will happen to Intel for future. But, if we see from the fact we can say that Sandy Bridge builds not totally based on Nehalem’s innovations, but it also expands into directions we hadn’t previously thought. There’s one weakness that is about socket that we can use on this CPU. Intel said that it only can be used on Intel 1155 socket so it mean we need to upgrade again our motherboard if we want taste this kind of CPU. It’s so different with AMD that can still upgrading CPU but not upgrade the motherboard socket so it’s less in budget. Everything your choice.


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