Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nvidia challenge ATI Radeon by releasing GT 520

Most in my earlier post show you how those big companies run and stay in challenge eash other in enthusiast-level graphic cards. Such as GTX 590, HD 6890 and etc. But, even though they stay in battle for enthusiast-level, Nvidia won’t lose in entry-level too. Nvidia now release their new product that is the cheapest graphic card from Nvidia which has DirectX 11 feature to challenge Radeon HD 6450.
New GT 520 take the place as the cheapest DirectX 11 GPU in their product line up, offering lifelike character and terrain to handle DirectX 11 games at lower resolution, and support for viewing Blue-Ray movies, photographs, and Web content – all in stereoscopic 3D, courtesy of Nvidia 3D Vision feature.
This card will be equipped by 48 CUDA cores, 64-bit 1Gb GDDR3 memory, 810 core clock, and 1800 MHz memory. For the price, it expected retail is approximately USD $50.


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