Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New MSI N560GTX Haws special for overclocker

It is still hot in news about graphic cards for gaming, graphic cards for HD movies, graphic cards for editing videos etc. But MSI want make change not to provide the consumer about all of those that I mentioned before. MSI unleash their new graphic cards special for everclocker!
Why they unleashed that kind of graphic card? It’s because they look for chance that now days most of gamer and people who work on multimedia (editing video, picture, movies) want the best graphic cards with big core clock but not in high temperature, best feature and etc. so the answer is graphic card which can be overclock easily and have good performance and also feature.
MSI N560GTX Hawk will be equipped with the latest Twin Frozr III dual fan cooling design, featuring MSI’s exclusive Propeller Blade technology that offers 20% more airflow than conventional fans and reduces GPU temperature up to petrify 17 degrees.
For the overclock feature it have 8+1 phase power supply so it can doubles the GPU power delivery system with inclusion CopperMOS, combined with Triple Overvoltage technology. With those entire feature MSI N560GTX Hawk stand out on top industry in GeForce GTX560TX based graphic cards. And with voltage meters for monitoring GPU/Memory/PLL voltage and it’s truly overclocker’s essential.
This graphic cards also come up using Military Class II include Tantalum capacitors with 8-times the lifetime of solid capacitors, SFC choke that offer up to 30% more power, and solid-cap capacitors with 10 years’ service life.
The designs of graphic cards have so much innovation and its duty to provide consumers with the newest features and extreme overclocking potential.


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