Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Get ready for AMD Llano upcoming AM3+ support

We still remember in early November, 2011 it was where AMD began their first revenue shipments of Zacate/Ontario processor to their partners. It’s really awesome when AMD upcoming with their Zacate/Ontario processor they give so much impact in market. It just need a few moments to the consumer to feel the power of it.
So now day AMD in Singapore announce on the AMD Blog site has shipped the first revenue Llano. Even Llano not in one family of Bulldozer CPU architecture, it does new feature that should be try. AMD still focus on performance by including super fast core Phenom II based processor. For the graphic chipset it will use some kind like 780, 785, 800 series of integrated graphics. The integrated part inside the Llano should be quantum leap ahead in features and performance as compared to anything else out there in planet. 

For the supported motherboard Gigabyte and MSI has take the first lead by offering their new generation that totally support AM3+. This motherboard also come up with so much feature such as using 800 series of integrated graphic. AM3+ also has so much revision and develop performance than AM3 or AM2. It also equipped with USB 3.0 so it can transfer big file with high speed, it’s not a secret again that USB 3.0 is the best option to do copying big file in less time.
Just like my older post about this motherboard it has 'black socket'. It makes the difference become clearer to take the advantage and also give much better design and unique.


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