Thursday, April 21, 2011

Intel makes a Revolutionary 22nm Technology

Wow! Intel once again makes a new penetration to their new 22nm process. They promise that on their new 22nm process processor will bring new technology and the latest feature. Intel's CEO Paul Otellini attracted some interest during yesterday's earnings conference call when he told analysts that the next generation of 22 nm of processors will feature a "revolutionary" process technology.
They also confident that this revolutionary on 22nm process will win the competition across all segment of computing. However, the CEO told Citigroup's Glen Yeung, that he really can't discuss the features and he would have to wait until the analyst day event in May.  Just to make sure for the consumers that they really serious about this, Intel highlighted that it dramatically increased its capital expenditures and R&D spending up to $10.2 billion this year. And that’s why they really confident that someday it could be a big steps from Intel over the next 24 months.
And not stop till that one, Intel also want increase their development by doing a research for 14nm process and it’s the one effort to keep its rivals at a distance and cash in on its process technology advantage. Intel also noted that the first smartphone by Medfield will build in 32nm and it only takes 12 months. At 22nm desktop processor will ‘intercept’ the smartphone processor roadmap tablet/phone processor will move to 22 nm as well. For the first Intel 22 nm processors it will be launched about in Q4 of this year.


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