Saturday, April 23, 2011

SanDisk and Toshiba World's Smallest NAND

We know that SanDisk and Toshiba have already teamed up together to make 64 GB, 2-bits-per-cell (X2) based monolithic chip on 19nm technology, which both of these companies claim is the smallest and most advanced memory process tech node in planet. And this memory will be in mass production about in second half of 2011. At that time, SanDisk will also add 3-cits-per-cel (X3) products fabricated with the 19nm process technology to its product lineup.

Both of two companies really happy because they can produce the smallest and lowest-cost NAND flash chip based on industry-leading 19nm process technology in our ongoing collaboration with our partner Toshiba. And when you know, that actually this news come a day after Intel and Micron announched its 20nm process. What a great start.


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    The durability will be pathetic.
    Data retention of 32nm MLC NAND drops off after 200 write cycles (only one year of data retention after 2000 write cycles), 19nm is probably an order of magnitude worse. (guaranteed number of write cycles is only 3000 for 32nm ... it would be interesting to see what they quote for 19nm (probably a few hundred).

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