Monday, April 11, 2011

Journey of Intel Processors in 2011

The development of Intel on the market in entry-level till enthusiast-level endless. It’s already prove to us that this company be able to serve what consumer want. Not long time ago, about 3 months until now Intel launch 19 new processors. If we see, it’s good news for us because they can launch 19 new processors in short time. It’s a good achievement for them.
And for the beginning, Intel Sandy Bridge processor and SSD roadmaps for 2011 have been leaked giving us a clear information to expect what will happen next few years.
Here is the chart all of Intel new processors in 2011 :

As we can see above, there’s new range of 3.4 GHz/2.8GHz Quad Core with Turbo Boost and 95W/65W TDP. Or we can see the most expensive Core i7 980X at 3.33 GHz with the same 130W TDP.
Good news comes again from Intel that they will be updating both of X-25M and X25-E 2.5” drive offerings. The performance X-25E will have capacities up to 400 GB, while mainstream X-25-W will increase up to 600 GB drives. For the smaller product like X18-M, they will have new drive up to 160 GB and 300 GB. Finally, there’s new mSATA PCIe SSD being introduced under the same Soda Creek with 40 GB and 80 GB for the option.


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