Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Intel Core i7/995X Extreme Edition released in Q3 2011

My older post already talk to you that AMD will launch Zambezi in short time here is the post. We can see that it give special resistance for Intel side. So as the direct realization is that Intel launch their new CPU in socket LGA 1366 that famously named Core i7 995X Extreme Edition that based in 6-cores processing and run in 3.6 Ghz. And this plan will realize in period of three months this year 2011.
This new chip builds in 32nm architecture Intel Gulftown and also be equipped with 6-cores that support Hyper Threading, 12MB L3 cache shared. Even run well in 3.6 Ghz this CPU chip can run up to 3.86 Ghz when Turbo Boost activated.
In the other hand, basically this chip almost same with Intel Core i7 990X model, that same come up with 6.4 GT/s QPI link, AVX and support SSE 4.2 instruction and three channel DDR3-1066 integrated. This processor TDP about 130 Watts.
About when this processor will get launch its always be a mystery for us. And for the price it will be sell about $999. It’s a big number but you can get the biggest processor in planet.
Here is the picture show how great this processor handle 100% processing and have 12 threads of 6 cores.


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