Wednesday, April 06, 2011

DA Nvidia GT 240 Green = your best choice!

Again and again, Digital Alliance shows the power of their performance showing GT 240 Green. Firstly I wanna show you the specification about this video card, it has 1024 Mb / 128-bit / DDR 3 575 Core Clock / 1800 Mhz Memory clock / DSub / DVI-I / HDMI.

When we see the specification it’s a little bit satisfy because it have big memory clock at 1800 Mhz even it run in DDR 3. This video card support DirectX 10.1 that can handle well Open GL 3.0. This video card also has Nvidia PhysX technology, Nvidia CUDA etc. With price not over than $75 we can buy entry-level video card in great power. Why this video card great? Because of, it power. Even in entry-level it can handle big and almost new game such as COD Modern Warfare 2, COD Black OPS etc. When we play such kind of new game you don’t really expect you can play in superb graphic setting and high resolution. Because it runs on DDR 3 (128-bit) it can run well in 17 inch monitor with maximum resolution set to 1280x1024.
I can play COD Black OPS really great at 1024x768  resolution, AA = 4x, texture filtering = automatic, texture quality = automatic, shadow = yes, bullet impact = yes, number of corpse = small.
So the conclusion is that this video card can handle such kind of new game but not set to high n superb graphic setting. My advice you can buy this video card if you have minimum budget but wanna play new game, but if you have much budget you can buy such kind of new Nvidia video card like in my older post that is GTX 590 etc.


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