Monday, April 18, 2011

ATI Radeon HD 6990 launched by ASUS

ASUS look like never satisfied when they launch GTX 590 or the other. It can be proved that now ASUS launched their new extremity that is HD 6990. It’s a good news for gamer that want update or build a PC Gamers. Most of us know that HD 6970 the previous one, uses dual GPU, doubling the power while maintaining streamlined energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltage Tweak, it can push the card up to 1245 MHz.  And there's no doubt about the power of HD 6970. And so, that’s why HD 6990 will represents the very top-end of AMD-sourced technology. Maybe it's the latest of HD 6000 series from ATI Radeon.
For the specification and what it will be you can see it below:
  • Based on AMD Antilles GPU architecture, the HD 6990 offers hardcore PC gamers and DIY builders the fastest dual-core graphics card ever produced using AMD technology. It represents the pinnacle of the Windows® 7 and DirectX® 11-optimized Northern Islands series of GPUs from AMD.
  • Massive 4GB of GDDR5 video memory surpasses anything previously deployed in the Northern Islands series, giving games and other applications enormous breathing room for enhanced visuals. The extra memory comes in especially handy for DirectX™ 11 tessellation operations, where high quality textures put great demand on resources.
  • The ASUS HD 6990 comes at 830MHz and the exclusive Voltage Tweak overvolting utility allows users to push clock speeds by as much as 50%* with adequate cooling.
  • The two cores run in 2-way CrossFireX™ engaged by default on one board, eliminating inter-GPU latency and ensuring the fastest possible performance with the most bandwidth ever achieved on a single-board AMD-based card. Two HD 6990 cards can be put together for instant quad CrossFireX™.
  • AMD Eyefinity™ multi-screen technology enables the driving of up to five monitors via a single HD 6990. The card also supports AMD HD3D™ technology for 3D gaming and movie watching on a compatible TV or monitor.
*Actual performance may vary based on system configuration and other prevailing conditions.


  1. Thanx for these valuable infomation.I'm also using ATI Raden graphic card :)

  2. what kind of ATI Raden graphic card are you using now/?

    Im using HD 5570 IceQ 1 Gb
    how about you??