Monday, April 18, 2011

Overclocking dual GPU records won by Gigabyte GTX 580 WINDFORCE

Who ever expect that GTX 580 is still the best from Nvidia side, and Gigabyte as the leading manufacturer show it’s power. This GPU got score 196003 3DMark 03. Even the newest dual GPU is GTX 590 but in this case GTX 580 takes the lead. And believe it or not that when it get overclock only use cooler stock not LN2 or the other. What a powerful cooling system it is?
In top 20 World Records of Dual GPU in 3DMark 03, the first lead is held by GTX 580 WINDFORCE 3X. This VGA give cooling solution from many side, such as new design with triple-fan cooling, 3 ultra quite PWM fans, two 8mm copper heat pipes and a king size (140x86 mm) vapor chamber to maximize the speed of heat dissipation.Want see the score 3DMARK 03? Here is the score.
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I won’t talk too much about this. If you want see more about this GPU you can see it on the official website here.

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