Friday, April 08, 2011

Intel Xeon X5698 up to 4.4 normal clock

Intel Xeon will have 4.4 GHz clock speed. Intel finally develop Westmere architecture tend to 3.46 GHz through flagship Intel Core i7-990X. And now, that speed classified ‘small’ to Intel, compared to Intel Xeon X5698 which has better clock speed. Intel cause to be present new server chip that will operate in 4.4 GHz from the factory directly!
Xeon X5698 use Intel Hexa-core Westmere , but to decrease the power consumption Intel already turn off 4 from 6 cores right now. Intel Xeon X5698 probability will not be sell in OEM form. Because this processor one of super-clocked Xeon. And in rumor said that for the top level of Xeon will have 4.66 clock speed, but once again maybe only Xeon 5698 that will go to mass production.
This processor will have triple-channel DDR3-1066 memory controller with LGA 1366 socket motherboard.


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