Friday, April 08, 2011

Intel represent DirectX 11 on their new Platform Ivy Bridge

We know that Sandy Bridge is just launched several weeks ago, but Intel give us again on their new platform with code-named (Ivy Bridge). The most different between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge is on their integrated graphic that will be use. Sandy Bridge just use DirectX 10.1 but in Ivy Bridge we can enjoy the power of DirectX 11 GPU.
Intel always update their measure processor by decreasing the size that is one of Tick, Tock strategy that they have. And next step is the use smaller transistor by using 22nm technology. By small transistor it give more space for them to develop performance of their processor, especially integrated GPU. Intel introduce Sandy Bridge twice faster than previous gen. And in Ivy Bridge it will be the first processor that integrated DirectX 11 inside it.
In integrated graphic Intel still behind their biggest rival AMD, such as AMD has Brazos platform that support DirectX 11-with using Fusion APU, and they also release Zacate and Ontario.
With using DirectX 11 we can enjoy more modern graphic effect in 3D games or 3D application.


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