Tuesday, April 05, 2011

HIS ATI Radeon HD 4650 512Mb DDR 2

Once again, ATI Radeon give resistance to their rival Nvidia to challenge Nvidia 9400 GT or even 9500 GT. HD 4650 come up in entry-level. With price under $65 you can buy this video card based on Amazon. This video card even come up in entry-level  and just use DDR 2 don’t get disappointed or underestimate because this video card can handle big and almost newest game such as Crysis 2, GTA 4 EFLC, PES 2011, COD Modern Warfare 2 etc. To play game like I mention above you need set up your resolution in game to 1024x768 and graphic detail in medium or half medium half high.
Maybe most of you out there won’t believe that I can play hard game such as GTA 4 with this kind of video card. But trust me, it works.When set game resolution to 1024x768 and then to medium in graphic. Then get great visual and no lack even you’re in a battle or give a shoot with rocket launcher to helicopter. I combine HD 4650 with AMD Athlon II X3 3.0Ghz and 2Gb DDR 2 of Ram Kingston, 50Gb 7200Rpm WD Caviar Blue and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
HD 4650 also 100% support Windows 7 Aero Desktop, so don’t worry when you use this video card. Just keep your display driver especially ATI Catalyst up to date. And for WEI Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit you can get score 6.4 in gaming graphics and in display graphics for Aero I only get 5.0 with the latest driver of course.

 Not only that, this video card also awesome because you can play video in Full HD 1080p. And HD 4650 come up with HDMI port so you can connect you video card with HDTV or Home Theatre in your home. Even you can play Full HD movie, the facilities for noise reduction, and the other technology that you really want to it can’t work a hundred percent. I believe it doesn’t matter because with only under $65 you can buy great video card which can play GTA 4, Crysis 2 or COD MW2 with better quality compared by Nvidia 9400 GT or Nvidia 9500 GT.
For the specification you can find it here.
So the conclusion that we can get here, HD 4650 is an entry-level video card which can handle most new game and can play full HD 1080p movie with HDMI port. Price only under $65 is still realistic and playable game in your computer (not in low FPS when you play). I hope there’s an idea or suggestion for me if there’s new information about this video card in a comment or you can send an email to vistanurhasan@gmail.com


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