Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New Intel SSD 320 series offer capacity up to 600 Gb

Intel announce their third generation SSD that is Intel SSD 320 series based in flash memory NAND 25nm. Built above SSD X25-M SATA technology and based in 25nm NAND, this SSD 320 series give much better speed and great feature and of course we can get 30% cheaper than the first generation.
New Intel SSD third generation only come with capacity 40Gb, 80Gb, 120Gb, 160Gb, 300Gb, and 600Gb. This SSD using SATA II interface and offer speed up to 270 Mb/s sequential read and 220 Mb/s sequential write and up to 39,500 input operation / output every second (IOPS) random 23,000 IOPS read and write randomly in drive with big capacity. For security reason this SSD also equipped by 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard to protect self data from thief.
The price of SSD 320 series, based on 1000 unit is like this : 40GB at $ 89; 80GB at $ 159; 120GB at $ 209; 160GB at $ 289; 300GB at $ 529 and 600GB at $ 1.069


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