Tuesday, April 05, 2011

AMD now challenge Intel Sandy Bridge with AMD APU Llano

AMD in few months ago in Technical Forum in-house expose their Fusion processor in first time APU brand (Accelerated Processing Unit – combination GPU and CPU) AMD Fusion Llano. This hybrid CPU and GPU be given a full load and can load or process video decode 1080p Blu-Ray, calculate Pi up to 32 million decimal, and produce particle effect with graphic and chip GPU function not general CPU/main CPU.
A check from DirectCompute statistic it run in about 30 GigaFLOPS for the fusion speed, or a few times faster than the general processor do.
Llano design targeted for the desktop and notebook and it will have 4 cores and also DirectX 11 (OpenGL 4.0) graphic core that will be integrated directly to the architecture. AMD Roadmap now it schedule this processor will be vend in half 2011 and will challenge directly to Intel Sandy Bridge, that Intel architecture also CPU and GPU in one chip.
 For the video you can see it here. It show to you how big power this chip processor. Check this one out. It just 0:58 and not need much buffering.


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